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Dr. Paul Wender Blogs

Dr. Paul Wender Blogs at Bay Area Ketamine Center in Los Altos, CA

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The History of Ketamine Treatments

Therapeutic ketamine like we know it today is not how it’s always existed. In fact, ketamine started off as an anesthetic option in the 1960s. It was found to be very helpful for patients undergoing painful procedures, but there was some trial and error when it was first introduced as an anesthetic option.

The Brain Science Behind Ketamine Treatments

Ketamine treatments are a mental health option that provides relief for many. From helping treatment-resistant depression to PTSD and anxiety, there are so many different ways that ketamine can provide its unique benefits.

How Do I Know if Ketamine Treatments Are Right for Me?

Ketamine infusions are a mental health treatment that’s gained popularity in recent years. The vast benefits of ketamine treatments are still being discovered, as research is continuing to reveal the potential of therapeutic ketamine…

Ketamine Benefits: Addiction and Substance Withdrawal

While ketamine treatments are primarily used for treatment-resistant depression and other similar diagnoses, there are quite a few other applications for this pharmaceutical option. One of these important applications extends to addiction and substance withdrawal

All About Ketamine Boosters

Ketamine treatments are an effective option for a variety of mental health diagnoses. If you’re considering ketamine treatments, this article may answer some of your questions and clarify the long-term reality of this therapeutic option…