Ketamine for OCD Treatment Questions and Answers

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Ketamine for OCD Treatment Near Me in Los Altos, CA
Ketamine for OCD Treatment Near Me in Los Altos, CA

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, also referred to as OCD, is a mental disorder that causes recurring undesirable thoughts or ideas, known as obsessions, that compel them to act in a certain way, known as compulsions, often performing repetitive, unnecessary tasks. OCD affects over two million Americans, or approximately 1% of the adult population.

How Does Ketamine for OCD work?

Ketamine is quickly growing in popularity as one of the most effective alternative treatments for OCD. This is due in part to the minimal side effects experienced when compared to antidepressants as well as patients’ concern about taking medication for a long period of time, including dependency or tolerance issues. For those suffering from OCD and other mood disorders, ketamine treatments offer a promising alternative to traditional therapies. Low-dose ketamine infusions can be especially effective at improving mood and reducing feelings of anxiety, eliminating or minimizing the symptoms associated with OCD, such as compulsive behaviors and obsessive thoughts.

What are the 4 types of OCD?

Checking — This compulsion is usually the result of an underlying fear that something terrible is about to happen, leading to repetitive actions in attempt to alleviate the anxiety associated with that thought. While it is normal for people to double-check minor details throughout the day, for someone with OCD, their concern often results in a compulsion to check hundreds of times before they are satisfied and can move on to the next task at hand. This can manifest as checking to see if the front door is locked, or repeatedly checking one’s phone for a notification.

Contamination — This type of obsession-compulsion references what some people may refer to as germophobia, or the fear of germs or becoming contaminated by germs. People with this type of OCD have an overwhelming fear that they are putting themselves at risk of disease or infection by interacting with the world in normal, everyday scenarios. This often leads to the obsession and compulsive cleaning and sanitizing of oneself until they believe they are out of harm’s way. This can be repetitive in nature and very time-consuming. Contamination compulsions can be triggered from a simple brush of the arm or another slight instance of physical contact.

Symmetry and Ordering — Typically one of the first symptoms people think about when discussing OCD, the compulsive need to have things neat and orderly or organized in a specific way is a common condition of OCD. This can result in being unable to perform everyday tasks or interact with others.

Hoarding — Hoarding refers to a person’s inability to throw away broken or unnecessary possessions or to accumulate certain itemsto which they have formed an emotional connection. This often results in a person’s home becoming cluttered and disorganized, greatly contrasting the OCDs of contamination and order.

What happens if you ignore OCD?

In cases where OCD symptoms are ignored, it can easily lead to compulsive avoidance, which is characterized as the denial of or refusal to acknowledge or accept that these thoughts occur in the first place, and also a refusal to experience feelings as they naturally arise. Actively ignoring these thoughts and feelings can trigger anxiety and the sense of personal denial.

If you or someone you know is struggling with OCD and has failed to find relief from traditional therapies, ketamine treatment is an alternative that can provide you with relief for your symptoms. The kind and compassionate professionals at Bay Area Ketamine Center are experienced in treating OCD with ketamine and can help you effectively manage your condition. For more information about our OCD ketamine treatments, visit our website or call our clinic today. To book an appointment for an OCD ketamine treatment, schedule one online or over the phone.