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Ketamine for Bipolar

Ketamine for Bipolar Disorder Treatment in Los Altos, CA

Ketamine can be a useful tool in helping patients deal with their bipolar disorder. Read our Q and A page below for more information call us or request an appointment at Bay Area Ketamine Center online. We are conveniently located at 746 Altos Oaks Drive Los Altos, CA 94024.

Ketamine for Bipolar Disorder Treatment Near Me in Los Altos, CA
Ketamine for Bipolar Disorder Treatment Near Me in Los Altos, CA

Table of Contents:

What is bipolar disorder?
Who should use ketamine treatments?
Can a bipolar disorder be cured?

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that causes extreme shifts or changes in mood, energy levels and concentration. It is characterized by emotional states of highs (manic) and lows (depressive). During the depressive state, energy levels are low and emotional disposition is often sad, hopeless or disinterested. Manic phases are quite the opposite, with feelings of elation, high energy, lots of motivation to do everyday activities and even hypersensitivity or irritability.

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition that causes a person to experience extreme mood swings, cycling through periods of euphoria and depression. While it is normal for everyone to experience emotional states of highs and lows, for people with bipolar disorder, the mood swings are often more extreme. Bipolar disorder typically consists of three states:

• Mania, a high state, with raised levels of energy
• Depression, a low state, with lowered levels of energy and mood
• Intermediate, a well state, with normal levels of energy and function

Signs and symptoms of both manic and depressive states including the following:

• Exaggerated self-esteem or feelings of grandeur
• Decreased need for sleep
• More talkative than usual
• Racing thoughts
• Easily distracted
• Excessive energy for activities
• Engaging in risky behavior or exhibiting poor judgement

• Depressed mood
• Loss of interest in activities that used to being feelings of joy or pleasure
• Weight loss or gain
• Difficulty sleeping or oversleeping
• Apathy or agitation
• Loss of energy
• Feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, shame or guilt
• Inability to concentrate
• Suicidal thoughts (should be handled seriously)

Who should use ketamine treatments?

Ketamine treatments for bipolar disorder are suitable for patients who have struggled to find relief from other therapies. Research has shown that therapeutic ketamine treatments can help patients to feel less depressed and experience fewer emotional outbursts. It has also been proven effective in reducing suicidal thoughts and night terrors.

However, as is always the case, results vary from patient to patient. Ketamine treatments may not be the right choice for every individual and should be evaluated by a medical professional before treatment. Typical side-effects with ketamine treatments include nausea, loss of appetite and visual or auditory distortions.

Can a bipolar disorder be cured?

Bipolar disorder is a lifelong (chronic) condition. Although there is currently no known cure for bipolar disorder, with the appropriate treatment plan, symptoms can be effectively managed, allowing people with the disorder to live a good quality of life. People who receive treatment for bipolar disorder can better manage their condition, experiencing fewer symptoms and less intense mood swings. Alternative treatments have proven to be highly effective in managing bipolar disorder, particularly with the use of ketamine. This substance works to reduce symptoms by altering the brain’s chemical composition, promoting the proper imbalances. In addition to pharmacological treatments, lifestyle changes are often implemented to help minimize symptoms and reduce or avoid triggers.

If you or someone you know is struggling with bipolar disorder and has not seen promising results from traditional therapies, ketamine treatments may be able to provide you with relief. The kind and compassionate professionals at Bay Area Ketamine Center are experienced in ketamine treatments and can help you better manage your condition. For more information on our ketamine treatments for bipolar disorder and how they can benefit you, visit our website or call our clinic today. To book an appointment for bipolar disorder ketamine treatment, schedule one online or over the phone. We serve patients from Los Altos, CA, Sunnyvale CA, Palo Alto CA, Stanford CA, Atherton CA, Cupertino CA, and BEYOND.